Taking Your Website from Static to Stand Out

Improving your website

At Agent Reboot in New York City this past January, I had the opportunity to see Nicole Nicolay (@nik_nik), founder and CCO of Agent Evolution talk about how to take your website from the same old static site to a site that stands out from the rest and helps you generate more leads.

After reviewing my notes I realized that most of this stuff is common sense. I also realized even though I know it’s common sense, I myself don’t do most of it. It’s always great to hear what you should already know from someone else.  A refresher, a boost, a motivator to help you get to where you should be. So I thought I would share her top five most important tips to take your website from static to standout.

  1. Is your platform responsive?  In today’s world, people are searching  for real estate from all different sources. Is your website viewable on all sources (tablet, phone, laptop etc)? When making your website responsive, decide what items should be viewable on what platform. For example, when a potential buyer is viewing your website from their smart phone, first and foremost you should have the ability to search your website for listings. If your site is not responsive, consider WordPress.
  2. Is your branding obvious and is it consistent?  When someone visits your website, can they tell right away what company you are with, what you specialize in, if you own your company, etc?  If you can market yourself and your expertise effectively, you have a better chance of turning your website viewer into a client. If you’re not part of a large brand, consider redesigning your logos or slogans to make them eye catching and obvious.
  3. Is your content unique?  You can have a template site but not template content. Template content is not going to make you stand out. Consider adding neighbourhood content and about pages. Provide something unique to your visitors. If your site is not unique, start sharing your story! What makes you unique and differentiates you from the “run of the mill” REALTORS®?
  4. Is your IDX home search worth using? Do you utilize home search options to the best of its ability? Make it snappy! Consider a quick search on your home page or a search that requires them to sign up to receive listings by email – getting you their contact information. Consider having specific areas with already determined searches. For example, if you specialize in a specific neighbourhood, have a page of homes just in that neighbourhood, where a buyer doesn’t have toenter any criteria, just click on the neighbourhood name and they can see what’s available for sale.
  5. Do you have a clear call to action on your website? Do you have a value added call to action?  Something that speaks to your strengths in exchange for an email address. For example, sign up to receive a free home buyer’s guide, or a free market valuation. This will allow you to gather the contact information of a potential buyer or seller. Create one if you don’t already have one, but make it work to your strengths.

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