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Marg Gourlay

Marg Gourlay was destined for the real estate profession because all she did was talk about real estate.

After 39 years in the profession, Marg still enjoys talking about real estate. She enjoyed talking about it so much that 28 years ago, she became an instructor for the College. She still is.

“I love listing homes and selling real estate. I love working with buyers, but I wanted not only to sell real estate but also instruct it,” she says.

“I’ve had the joy of meeting some incredibly special students. Part of what I want to do as an instructor is assist my students to go after their own track in real estate. There’s real estate in banking, there’s real estate with the government, and there’s the standard real estate sales.”

Marg enjoys talking about real estate so much that she is one of the instructors who responds to students’ questions on the Instructor Support Line, open Monday to Friday, from 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Marg has answered a range of questions from students – from clarifying  seller take back to how to calculate compound interest.

Marg enjoys talking about real estate so much that she is often a guest presenter at the College’s career nights. In fact, she will be speaking at tonight’s session here in Don Mills, where she will expand upon the many career paths available in real estate, and the excitement of working in a profession that affords flexibility and unlimited income potential. But, you must be willing to work hard and commit.

To hear Marg talk about real estate, go to http://bit.ly/14kE4T0


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