Social Media

Talking Twitter

Twitter Do’s:

  • 50% of your tweets or more should start with the @ symbol which means you’re actually talking to people.
  • Head to to check out your tweet stats.
  • Give first with zero expectations.
  • Head to to see what hashtags get the most clicks.
  • Engage, follow and retweet thought leaders.
  • You need local followers (better than lots of followers).

Twitter Don’ts:

  • auto-spam
  • only tweeting links
  • pushing products
  • not engaging
  • 30 tweets in a row
  • mass #ff
  • retweeting blindly

Thanks @Chris_Smth for helping us on Twitter! #agentrb is trending in Toronto by the way.  Follow that hashtag for great tips and tools today!

For more twitter tips head to: 10 Twitter tips and tools.



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