Telling Stories Out of School (gossip)

an ear with a hand cupped around it, listening

We could all go on about the clichés like “loose lips sink ships” or “be careful with the words you use”, but the main message is what you say reflects on everyone.

I hear this frequently when it comes to REALTORS® or volunteer leaders…..people not being careful about what they say.

Ok, let me give an example: Several years ago, I was facilitating a strategic planning session at a real estate board. At the beginning, during informal conversation, several of the directors were commenting on the unethical behaviour of their members. There was lots of chatter and gossip.  Ironically, during the formal session, one of the most pressing priorities was members commenting on the behaviour of other members

Volunteer leaders have to be extra careful to walk-the-walk and talk-the-talk but the point is, be careful what you say because it reflects on the entire profession.

If you are concerned about Professionalism and the Value of a REALTOR® (and fellow volunteers), don’t gossip about them in public. Take the high road and do not denigrate your fellow REALTOR®/volunteer because it reflects on everyone.

This may blow you away.  Some past presidents of OREA have commented that their local competitors say they can’t service their clients because they are away on OREA business – what a cheap shot. First, this is not true, and second, it may discourage others from volunteering.

Take the high road and speak no evil by focusing on others’ positive qualities. Take care with social media and do not offer judgment on the opinions of others.

What you say may come back to bite you…. in the assets.

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