Ten key strategies for success as a REALTOR®

All achievement begins with a burning desire. Everyone has the potential to achieve extraordinary success as a REALTOR®; however, the people who implement proven strategies are the ones who actually achieve greatness in the real estate profession.

“All of the Facebook fan pages, twitter accounts, websites and capture pages mean nothing unless your mindset is in the right place.”

Bear in mind that the above is my personal observation, and I have generated 90 per cent of my business using the internet.

I have interviewed some of the top producing brokers and salespeople in our industry and these 10 strategies have enabled them to dominate their local markets. I have implemented these exact strategies into my personal business and with my own coaching clients and I have seen amazing results!  Incorporating these ideas into your life and business will allow you to become a more confident and compelling real estate professional agent which will change the results that in your business.

The first four strategies focus on the grand vision and it’s implementation:

  1. Decide. You must make a firm decision on what and why you want something. If you have not made a decision on your destination then you will never get there. All top producers know exactly what they want to accomplish and why they want to accomplish that goal.
  2. Develop A Success Blueprint. You must develop a complete vision of what you want your life to be like. Do you want to be in shape? Do you want more time with your family? How much time? How much money will it take for you to be happy? All top producers have created a blueprint for their life.
  3. Internalize Your Success Blueprint. The blueprint becomes a part of your belief system. It is something on which  you must focus exclusively through your emotions and your actions.
  4. Build Your Goals. You must set daily, weekly and yearly goals that you must hit. Goals enable us to be held accountable for our dreams. Goals enable our dreams to become reality because they become a report card on our progress.

The next six strategies are what we call “Fail Measures”, specifically those strategies that a REALTOR® implements to prevent their failure:

  1. Daily Visualization. You must visualize daily the successful accomplishment of your goals. You must see the end result in your mind. All top athletes and top producers can actually see the end goal accomplished in their mind’s eye. There is too much research supporting this idea to ignore it.
  2. Daily Personal Development. On a daily basis, we are inundated with negativity from every angle. To become better we have to keep putting positive information into our brain to combat the negative thoughts that are given to us.
  3. Income Producing Activity. All the thinking in the world is useless without the action behind it. You must spend the majority of your day talking to people and asking them if they want to buy or sell real estate. This is purely a numbers and relationships business. If you are not talking to people every day then you are not even in business.
  4. Cultivate the Expectation of Leadership on a Daily Basis. Every single top producer to whom I have spoken expects to win. These individuals never focus on losing or the lack of something. They have come to a place of “knowing” that they will not be denied.
  5. CRM System. All top producers use a professional contact management system. There is no way that anyone can keep track of everyone that you have to talk to on a day-to-day basis without some professional software to help.
  6. Mastermind and Connect with Other Leaders, Other Successful Producers and Get a Personal Coach. You must surround yourself with other people who are accomplishing what you want to accomplish. You should be utilizing a real estate business coach and strategist to hold you accountable.  All top producers have a coach, and so should you.

To become one of the top performers in your local market you have to be operating emotionally at a very high level.  All top level performers in every industry and sport follow systems daily to maximize their output. Shouldn’t you?

The secret sauce to making all of this work is to change your state of mind before you tackle your daily activities. The minute you make the changes that anticipate a greater expectation of success, your results will change.

What do you have to lose? I challenge you to become the best you can be so that you can get the results that you deserve.


Richard Fournier, OREA Guest Blogger

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