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The Atom of Success

success sign
Bookstores are my favourite hangout, especially if they pamper you with espresso. On my last visitation, I stood in admiration of all the leadership, management, and self-help publications. I actually scanned most of them and registered their teachings.

There is a plethora of ideas and advice: be results-driven, think strategically, do a reality check, communicate purposefully, think outside the box, think inside out, build a celebratory culture, be nimble, walk the talk, meet deadlines, under promise and over deliver, set standards, make haste slowly, over-communicate, be accountable, be authentic and transparent, stay cool, avoid multi-tasking, focus, have a brand proposition, exude confidence, be honest and trustworthy, say what you mean, do what’s right, take responsibility, share the rewards, engage in purpose-driven decision-making, stick to core competencies, foster teamwork, nurture a sense of ownership, take the high road. Whew. With a second wind, I could recite much more.

Is it that we are storytelling beings that drive us to read? Or, is it that living is so competitive? Certainly, we are graded, assessed, and tested daily in every aspect of our actions and relationships. We welcome answers. We need tools for success. Blessedly, there are countless offerings.

Peeling the excess away, what are the definitive properties of success? The matter of the success atom. The knowledge nucleus configuration consists of four self-help protons:

1.  Know why you do what you do.

2.  Listen actively and ask good questions.

3.  Act strategically and timely.

4.  Get on with it and adapt to change.

That’s it. Simple. Precise. Concise. All those shelves of books radiate around these four fundamental principles.

Do love books. I do. Subconsciously, so did Willie Nelson.

To all the (books) I once caressed

And may I say I’ve held the best

For helping me to grow

I owe a lot I know

To all the (books) I’ve loved before

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