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The Condominium Agreement – Simple as AB and “C “


The Condominium Market has grown exponentially in the last few years and more and more Realtors are trading in this marketplace.

The Ontario Real Estate Association (OREA) will be discussing the Condominium Agreement and all its features in OREA’s next webinar, which is scheduled for 1pm on September 20, 2016. Host Cassandra Agnew Walker (OREA) and returning guest Lou Radomsky (OREA Standard Forms Legal Counsel) will give you a thorough overview of the Condominium Agreement and all its features.

During this Webinar we will endeavor to provide clarity for those practicing in the trade of Condominiums and will cover topics specific the Condo trades including:

  • Are all condominiums all the same and do they all have same Condominium issues?
  • Rules, Declaration, By-Laws, Financial Statements – is that Status Certificate?
  • The right timing – information for discovery & disclosure
    – Concerns with Residential condos, 3 P’s – people, pets, parking
  • Is a POTL (what are they??) sale to be done on the Condo Form?
  • How Form 101 differs from Form 100 – protections and warranties built in you don’t want to miss!

OREA members are invited to register for the webinar online in order to participate live and/or receive a link to the on-demand recording.

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