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The Conflicted REALTOR®


We live in a world that explains itself scientifically. Unlike faith and tradition, trust is no longer taken for granted. We need to know ‘why’. We need explanations founded on causality.

Our contemporary model of thinking presents a restless and ruthless questioning that seeks answers to why something happened or did not happen. Inescapably, the ‘why’ question motivates our reality wherever it’s based.

Why use a REALTOR® is a vital question at the heart of every consumer and, indeed, real estate professional. The question begs refinement. What is a REALTOR®? What objectives drive a REALTOR®? What obstacles confront a REALTOR®? What actions do REALTORS® take to overcome obstacles?

Answering the first question establishes character. Answering the second question establishes desires, goals, and purpose. Further on, if you identify and understand the obstacles, you can construct ways and means of meeting the challenges head on with successful strategies. Sadly, the answers to these questions are marked by vagueness, disagreement, and inaction. In several instances, apathy rules.

The business of real estate is increasingly complex and demanding. The answers to the posited questions are of primary importance. We need to know. We need to understand. We need to take action. We need to create desired expectations in the minds of consumers and REALTORS® if we want our profession to prosper.

Professional excellence is the cornerstone of public confidence and protection in the business of real estate. The story of real estate will unfold and evolve in accordance with the consistency and completeness of the answers we provide to the key questions. Only then will the conflicted REALTOR® be seen as a professional.


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