The Dog Days of Summer

Kids enjoying summertime

As we finally welcome the summertime heat and beautiful weather I find myself, like many around me, wanting to be lakeside, poolside or anywhere outside celebrating the sun. However, when you’re in the real estate business, the temptation to lounge or tee-off can shift your focus away from the summer market that might be right under your nose.

During the summer, a season that holds so many distractions for me, here are some tips that I have found helpful in keeping me motivated:

1 – Reward yourself
Hang a figurative carrot in front of you and see how efficiently and effectively you can work. If you’re able to structure your day so that you’re finished a little earlier and can enjoy that beverage on the patio with friends or go and get your nails sandal perfect, this may help to keep your focus and get what you need to get done quickly and allow for some relaxation time.

2 – Lighten your Load
I’m sure there are some out there that just did a double take to that bullet point! But trust me, if you’re able to take Sundays as your day of no work and just perfecting your tan, you may come back rejuvenated and ready to rock the market for another week.

3 – Days are longer, why not make the fun last longer!
We don’t need to be cooped up in our houses, so why not take the kids to the splash pad after dinner or sit out on your deck a little longer and sip your lemonade? Whatever it is that you were wishing to do during the day I’m sure you can find an equivalent to do at night (as long as the mosquitos don’t carry you away!)

4 – Stay Positive!
Whatever you do, don’t get into a slump and feel depressed when your friends (especially teacher friends… I love you all but can be jealous sometimes!) are raving about the great beach weekend they had while you were at an open house or showing houses. Remember why you love what you do! Moping around will just make you unmotivated and will probably result in things taking twice as long as they need to.

I procrastinated in writing this blog post and had complete writers block, which was probably a combination of a business workload and summertime fun. But when I forced myself to sit down and concentrate (motivated by the fact that I’m going to hopefully do yoga lakeside later tonight), I magically found myself with my creative juices flowing!

Happy Summer Everyone!

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