The First Step

Hesitant to volunteer at your local real estate association? Not sure what it will involve or whether it’s worth your time? For many volunteers, it’s a matter of taking that first step. The great thing is that many real estate associations are now offering ways to volunteer on short, specific projects. It might involve participating in a focus group or helping out at an event. These micro volunteer opportunities give you a chance to test the waters and see how you like the volunteer experience.

When asked, most members say that they volunteer in order to give back to their profession and to learn new things. What they get in return is often so much more: new networks that help them in their business; increased professionalism that helps their image in the community; and a sense of belonging in a self-employed industry. Chances are you’ll enjoy the same benefits as you take your first step towards volunteering.

If you’re considering taking that first step, you’ll enjoy this article by Kelly Lewis who learned a lot about leadership and life when she took a big first step – one from 13,000 feet!


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