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The Long and the Short of It

glove-and-laptopSuch is our crazy busy life that even our short messages are viewed as too long. We are immersed in a world of communication laced with abbreviations and emoticons.

While ‘U r ok’ messaging is the new graffiti, let’s not delude ourselves that it replaces poetry or that instant messaging is the toll bell of the novel. I agree that it is better to be simple and direct rather than minutely descriptive and superfluous but being overly ‘short’ is a serial killer of knowledge.

Education is not, nor can it ever be, an expression of simplicity and smiley faces. Too often, brevity sacrifices understanding and discovery. Your focus should be specific, brief, and ‘short’ but your research, analysis, examples, and summaries should be ‘long’.

‘Short’ orders may be the crux of fast living and fast food cuisines but education is a ‘long’ order that speaks volumes and demands a life-long approach.


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