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The Power of Case Studies

in case you missed it

Everyone loves a good story. Infusing case studies with storytelling, not just factual issues, provides students with opportunities to solve problems applying creative and critical thinking skills.

We never want to dictate understandings. We want students, different as they may be, to understand meaning, draw inferences, and interpret information to discover universal experiences and truths. The stories within case studies are ideal in promoting new content and competencies. A well-crafted case study, with vibrant characters and conflicting forces at play, lure students into the story on a personal level. Students reflect on the choices made by the characters and through open discussion with other students, as well as the facilitator, connect with the human experiences played out in the tale.

This type of learning is approachable, conversational, and personal. It feeds on questioning that invites deeper analysis and comprehension. Case study stories have immense educative power and are just plain fun to deal with.

Remember, facts are merely what happens. What students need are the truths, the meanings behind the facts.


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