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The Real Estate Business is a lot like a Motorcycle Ride

This year we celebrate OREA’s 90th anniversary. That’s 90 years of helping REALTORS® succeed. I am very proud to have been a REALTOR for exactly one half of those years.

Speaking of history, I was recently reminded that even back in high school, I enjoyed motorcycles.

Like the history of OREA, I know that motorcycle riding is sometimes a bumpy ride but the journey has certainly been most rewarding. That brings me to the theme I have chosen for this year– “ride into the future”.  I am so happy that you will be riding with us.

Ron on a Motorcycle

Riding is an incredible journey but what makes it most rewarding is overcoming the bumps, the rainstorms, the cold and others challenges along the way and arriving at your destination with a smile of success on your face.

The real estate business is a lot like a motorcycle ride. As with any road worth travelling, there are bound to be bumps, detours and discouraging moments, but at the end of the day we find satisfaction knowing that we have helped someone acquire their dream property.

Often I ride my motorcycle with other riders. When travelling in a group, the success of the journey depends on the group travelling in the same direction. At OREA, I am confident – no make that really confident – that your elected group of leaders known as the OREA board of directors is travelling in the same direction. I am confident of their dedication to our members and the industry. I can assure you that you have chosen well.

As head of this great group of leaders, here’s where I would like us to head this year:

  • I want to continue encouraging new leaders and volunteers to come forward so that our association will continue to grow in the future
  • I will continue to support the Young Professionals Network so that we may benefit from the new ideas this group will bring to our association.
  • I believe it is important to encourage larger commercial offices to engage in organized real estate.
  • We must follow through on the great work we have begun to energetically listen to our members and align our products and services to their needs.
  • Finally, I want to encourage support for the fine work of our REALTORS Care Foundation. They do great work that benefits those in need of shelter around the province.

Many of you know that I am an enthusiastic participant in the Foundations motorcycle ride every summer. We are already planning our ride for this summer and I will be accepting pledges.

So those are my goals for this coming year as we journey down this road called organized real estate. Please join me on that journey as we Ride into the Future. Together I know we can smooth out the road and achieve many successes.

I would also like to recognize Barb for doing an absolutely incredible job over the past year. You were hard-working, passionate, and dedicated. You travelled around the province on our behalf, representing us to millions of Ontarians. You led us with style and grace, made our members feel welcomed, appreciated and comfortable, and put in an awful lot of long hours on behalf of the Ontario Real Estate Association.  That was time spent away from friends and family while you were spending time on OREA business.  Thank you for everything you’ve done – what a successful year.

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