The Real Estate Roller Coaster

This YPN blog contribution comes from Ashley Sauve. Ashley is a Broker with Keystone Real Estate, Sudbury


You’re high on life, the world is at your fingertips.  You are scheduling board meetings, networking opportunities and coffee dates with your favorite clients. Offers are coming in, listings are popping up, four missed calls, home inspections, mortgage pre-approvals, twenty-seven emails, six showing requests all while you’re showing homes to first time Buyers.  If you’re anything like me you love the rush, you live for the phone to ring, happy clients, busy schedules and SOLD signs everywhere.  You’re a Realtor®, a trusted resource, a warrior for the homeowner and you’re thriving.

So what do you do when it slows down? Our industry is notorious for lulls, and in my hometown in Northern Ontario that means everyone (and I mean everyone!) goes to camp on the weekends (the cottage for my Southern friends).  What do you do when all your clients go on hiatus every weekend?

If you’re anything like me you check your phone every five minutes, hit refresh on your email, comb through social media & market stats and hope for that rush.  Warriors don’t take weekends off, we stand ready for anything.  Maybe warriors should take weekends off too, maybe we should relax, take time to recharge, get prepared for our next battle.

Alas Sunday evening rolls around. The traffic is steadily returning. It’s 8 pm.  One missed call, two text messages, and an email. You feel that flutter in your belly. You are a warrior, you need to be ready for anything. If only I would have taken a day or two off.




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