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The Tablet Revolution

Day two of the Inman Connect (follow along on twitter at #ICNY) conference kicks off with Jason Baptiste, the Co-founder and CEO of OnSwipe.

If you own an iPad, head to and swipe, pinch, and tap away.  It’s so easy to navigate.

For effect, Jason plays the following video to show how the iPad technology is ingrained in our future generation (it’s a must watch).

The ads on magazines with on swipe technology do 50-100 times better and the engagement between readers and magazines has greatly increased.  Also, it’s easy to get this free technology.  If you can copy/paste, you can have it.

It used to be about the “beauty of print.”  How do you scale to web and capture that beauty in ads? #ICNY Touch and swipe could be the answer – @NashvilleBrian

Jason Baptiste asks, “what are you doing to prepare for the tablet revolution?”

Steve Jobs is up there smiling right now. #ICNY – @HobokenREnews


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