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The Top 10 in 2015

Top 10 blogsWhat is year’s end without a recap of the year’s events and a top 10 list? For the College, this means identifying the 10 most popular blogs of 2015.

In descending order, the top 10 College blogs of 2015 are:

10. Exercise Care and Skill

Regardless of whether home buyers or sellers become clients or customers, these consumers are vulnerable because they are about to make the most important decision in their lives. This blog highlights seven consumer vulnerabilities and how these can be addressed.

9.  The Atom of Success

Bookstores (actual and virtual) are replete with self-help publications, from how to communicate professionally to how to foster teamwork to think strategically. This blog peels away the excesses and focuses on four self-help protons that comprise the knowledge nucleus configuration.

8.  Yes We Can

Be optimistic in everything you do or say is the key message of this blog and the key to success.

7.  College Wins REEA award

The Real Estate Educators Association (REEA) presented the College with the 2015 Education Program of the Year Award for a new curriculum, blended learning, developed for Real Estate as a Professional Career, the first course in the registration education program.

6.  Uncommon Common Sense

Learning, listening, and understanding require engagement, passion, and drama. This blog unveils an activity that engages all these senses – storytelling.

5.  Get Ethical

Learning, regardless of topic, needs to be engaging. This blog posits that ethics can be taught, but learning ethics requires understanding of key principles, such as empathy, commitment, loyalty, and respect.

4.  Turning Cold Calls ‘Hot’

Group calls to potential clients into three groups – cold, warm, and hot. This blog reveals tips on how to build your client list through cold calling. REALTORS® are reminded that they should not contact anyone on the National Do Not Call List or whose property listed for sale with another brokerage.

3.  How much do you know about condos?

Condominiums are a system of land ownership where an individual owner holds title to a specific unit and owns a share of common property, referred to as common elements. Trading in these types of properties requires specific knowledge. This blog is really a true/false quiz – to help Realtors determine if they are prepared to represent condo buyers and sellers.

2.  Top 10 Reasons to Hire a REALTOR®

Selling your own home is complex, time-consuming, and emotional. This blog provides 10 reasons why you should hire a Realtor®.

1.  The Matrimonial Home

Selling a divorcing couple’s matrimonial home is complicated. This blog focuses on two points – determine if the property is, in fact, a matrimonial home and seek legal advice.

Stay tuned for more blogs in 2016.

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