OREA Real Estate College

The Way Forward

It is constantly changing and uncertain. It feeds on correction and adjustment. What?  Social relationships? No. Well, perhaps but that is not what I am talking about. Real estate.

Real estate is a minefield of tweaking and tuning. And, real estate professionals are shell-shocked participants who must wonder if constancy is a concept of self-ostracized philosophers with no connection to the realities of the real estate marketplace where the newness of the morning is rendered obsolete by nightfall thanks to technology.

Most of us are frantically looking to survive. Understandable. But, this is foolish. You can’t run with the pack and expect to win the race. To be and do your best, you must get creative. You must lead. Success demands you experiment endlessly and implement ideas, products, and services. Hoping that the winds of change will channel into peaceful tranquility is self-soothing aromatherapy—an escape probably comparable to an injection of morphine.

What should we do, specifically? Sell? Buy? Merge? Re-structure? Maybe. Honestly, I don’t know. You are the best judge of your individual situation. I can tell you one thing, though, that has proven indisputable in my work life. Learn more and, if affordable, hire talented people and embark with them on a journey of continuous learning. Regular real estate education is your passport to your future success in the real estate marketplace.


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