Things I wish I had known when I became a REALTOR®


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Starting out as a new REALTOR® is one of the most difficult things I’ve ever endured. It was like being thrown into a pool of water without knowing how to swim. Fear played a big role in the beginning, since I was not sure of the next step to take to get to my first sale.

 As we all know, the real estate industry is made up of many dynamics. To be a successful REALTOR®, we must know and understand many things that act as a foundation for our knowledge and allow us to serve clients to the fullest.

 It pays to do your homework. With such an abundance of free information on the internet, it makes sense to start there. It’s also helpful to ask other agents how they got started. Although some people in the field may be reluctant to share their so-called secrets and ideas, it never hurts to ask.

Getting started with the basics: 

-Make a list of people you know

-Draft a letter together for a mail out to get clients

-Create a business plan

-Offer to do open houses for other agents in your office

-Use social media

-Send personal notes weekly, reminding people of who you are

 Knowing the ins and outs of the area on which you want to focus is a must. So is studying local pricing in order to attract investors or clients with the needs that they require.

Be a catalyst and make things happen. Be on the lookout for future developments coming to your area and do your research on them. Stay in the loop so that you are aware of the levels of taxes in specific areas.  Study local pricing and watch the outskirts for real estate trends and developments. Also be sure to check out school rankings — these are all important demographics for you to know. That knowledge can inform and then please your clients which will in turn help you to become the successful REALTOR® you always wanted to be.



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