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You’ve written a new item for your website and you’re feeling proud and excited. Now the next step is getting people to view it. Whether your visitors see your post on your website homepage, on a social media platform, or in an email – how do you get casual browsers to stop and click? Here are two simple tips.


It might seem obvious but headlines play a huge part in getting website visitors to click. Which headlines work best?


Is your open house protocol secure?

Now your casual browser wants the answer, they’ll click through to find it.


10 real estate facts you won’t believe are true

You’ve created curiosity in your visitor, they want to know more.


5 tips, 7 fixes, 12 steps to a better…

Your reader knows the piece won’t eat up their time. They know the information will be bite-sized and easily digested. They can confidently click-through.


5 Reasons why your sales patter is all wrong!

People will click through just to disagree. If they’re arguing with you they’re engaging with your content. And if you cause a big enough commotion, more people will come by just to see what all the fuss is about. Win win!

Key words

If you use heavily searched words in your title, search engines will rank your content higher getting your post in front of more eyes and thus, more click-happy fingers.


Three-legged dog sells million dollar lake house

When you click through it’ll probably turn out the house buyers were charmed by the cute disabled pet lounging by the fire and not that the three-legged dog walked them through the house explaining the amenities, but regardless, your visitors have already been sucked in and they’ve already read your post. Clickbait headlines are often derided for being outrageous and sensationalist, the content is rarely as OMG No Way! amazing as the headline makes it sound. But clickbait headlines do work, that’s why tabloid papers sell so well. Only problem is, once you fail to deliver the three-legged talking dog once, your reader might be more wary on your site next time.


Ad Week did a study of Twitter behaviour and found that tweets that included photos garnered 18% more clicks. Facebook posts with photos tend to get 53% more likes than those without. When it comes to click-throughs – images matter! The same principle goes for your website homepage. An article headline is more compelling if it’s accompanied by an image. So whenever you post, make sure you find a great image to support your content.

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