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Three Way Agreement – STRONGER TOGETHER

At the Canadian Real Estate Association’s AGM on Monday, April 16th, 310 voting delegates voted in favour of a motion that provides local real estate boards and associations with the option to become direct members of CREA. The motion was brought forward by five local real estate boards – Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton, Montreal and Vancouver.

As representatives from the five boards repeatedly told the Assembly, this was NOT a vote to separate from provincial associations. It was a vote that would give local boards the option – the choice – to be a part of their provincial association.

The five boards would also like to see more accountability from their provincial associations. As well as, better communication, less duplication and more efficiency.

The OREA Board of Directors agrees with all of this. In fact, these are areas we’ve significantly improved upon in the last 18 months. We have identified some of our challenges in the past and we are truly working harder at bringing incredible value to our members through advocacy, leadership development and standard forms.

Ultimately, the vote for Direct Membership is about all three levels of organized real estate – local, provincial and national – doing better for Canadian REALTORS®.

We can’t, and do not want to, argue about that.

That’s why, last Monday, OREA voted in favour of the motion for Direct Membership. If the option of Direct Membership enhances how we all work together to help our REALTORS® succeed, then OREA welcomes the changes.

We are confident that together we can create a new structure that allows Direct Membership and will be as, if not more effective, in serving and supporting REALTORS®.

Together, we have accomplished amazing things for REALTORS®. I trust that we will all continue to work together towards the goal that unites us all: helping REALTORS® succeed. Because we are truly, stronger together.


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