Time to make your stats sing


Sometimes you have to give your clients a slew of statistics but you want to present them in a visual, comprehensible format. There are a range of software and apps available that are designed to jazz up numbers. Here are three recommendations:



If you like to keep things very simple, Viz is the perfect app. No need to worry about functions or formulas, just write in the labels and numbers, choose the type of chart you want (ie bar, pie, cloud, skyscraper) and pick a colour scheme. Voila! You can share charts through your social media channels, send it by email or save it as a JPEG.


3D Charts

3D Charts allows you to create really sophisticated-looking content in an incredibly simple way. You can use the app to build 2D and 3D charts and graphics in minutes. You can choose from three categories of charts: Percentage charts (ie pie, doughnut etc), Watermarked (bubble, cylinder) and Radar (line, area, rose). The charts are highly customizable and easily shared across networks.


Tableau Public

Tableau is described as a storytelling application. It allows users to create and share interactive charts and graphs, maps, and live dashboards, then publish them anywhere on the web. It offers a lot of flexibility and a wide range of potential uses. It does take longer to master, but it’s worth the effort, as a user your only restriction is your own imagination.

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