Tips for being organized this spring


Real estate traditionally picks up in the spring so now is the time to organize. Your organizational efforts should cover everything from your car to your office.

Preparation is one essential element in staying organized. Better efficiency leads to greater productivity and hopefully larger success.

Another important element is prioritization – focus on the clients that need attention. Ensure you know which prospects want to move this year or who is due for their six monthly update. Create a priority follow up list to help. The spring can also be a great time to follow up and start a conversation regarding buying or selling with your leads. As you reach out, clients may respond with a range of questions that require a quick reply. To ensure you are on top of your follow ups ask that any questions or instructions are sent by email or text. Create a checklist of instructions and questions that require follow up and work your way down the list until complete.

Organization is also required when showing properties; this can be anything from saving time at the front door by knowing the lock box location, to informing buyers of a pet hiding in a bedroom, or that sellers will be home during the showing. Clients may judge you on how organized you are so it is in your best interest to be prepared at all times.

Buyers change their home preferences constantly as they learn more about a style or a location, therefore, by making notes you stay organized and demonstrate that you are listening and as a result show properties that are relevant to the buyer.

When showing a property to a prospective buyer, ask questions. Questions can help you cater your service to your buyer as you listen to their responses. When you are offering feedback to a listing agent, your ability to draw on your clients’ concerns may enhance your image as a REALTOR®.

Finally, spring is a great time to set goals. This may involve stepping back and reflecting on your previous year and deciding what you want to improve on. Once you commit to growing your business keep a calendar so you can reflect back and adjust goals for next year.

In summary:

  • Follow up with clients
  • Clean out your Car/Office
  • Request questions/instructions are sent by email or text
  • Create a list of properties you have shown
  • Make notes so you can give effective feedback
  • Set goals to increase success.

Stay organized and focused. Please share your tips.

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