Tips to Improve Your Business

We are all on a journey of building a real estate business that continues to grow and improve. For some REALTORS® that means being more efficient, selling more homes, increasing the size of your team or just meeting this year’s personal goals.

I have recently been challenged to change my business and I want to share some of my thoughts. In order to continually grow and improve our business, we need to make sure we create goals and focus on them, learn scripts, time block and have a positive mind set.

Focus and Goals
Specific goals are something that we often fail to identify. I was reminded of the following quotes: “If you don’t know where you’re going how will you know when you get there?” or “if you don’t know where you’re going how will you know how to get there?” Goals should be something that are measurable and have a defined time frame. Once we have a goal we start to have focus. I believe that focusing on a goal gives us the drive to go from point A to point B and accomplish those goals. To help you focus on your goals, put a picture or quote somewhere that you will see it every day for a visual reminder of what you are working towards.

Scripts are one of the essential keys to becoming more effective when communicating. For a long time I resisted using scripts because I feared that if I used a script I wouldn’t sound like myself and people would know that I was using a prewritten phrase. This is a myth! You might not sound like yourself the first few times that you use it, but this is why we should practice scripts daily. You can think about scripts as a way to say something you would normally say, but in a more effective way.

Time Blocking 
It is easy to get distracted throughout your day by important, but not urgent, tasks. For example, your seller calls to let you know that there are no more property flyers in the flyer box on the for sale sign. Some of us may drop what we are doing to print more flyers and take them over right away, in an effort to provide superior customer service.  While this may seem like a positive response, a problem can develop when we realize that we spent our entire day attending to immediate tasks while neglecting our priority tasks, like lead generation. I have found that I can be so much more efficient during my work day when I have a plan of how I am going to spend my time, and when I will deal with different tasks.

Positive Mindset
Lastly, I feel that a positive mindset is key to growing and improving your business. For so many of us, we can drag ourselves down with our own negative thinking. We often call negative thoughts ‘limiting beliefs’ and we underestimate the effect that they have on our business. For example, a new agent may tell themselves that “I could never be a top producer” or “I could never increase my business by 50% this year”. It’s funny that we tell ourselves these things, and yet we all know agents who have become top producers in their first year or agents who have increased their business by leaps and bounds. Don’t let limiting beliefs work to destroy your positive mindset and ultimately diminish your goals.

These are a few things that I have recently been challenged to work on in my business, and I am seeing positive results! How about you? Are you practicing any of these habits in your business, and how have they worked for you?


– Chris Salmans, OREA YPN Committee Member and Guest Blogger

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