Tips to Stay Organized


Meeting clients, returning phone calls, showings, and home evaluations. Let us acknowledge that we need to be organized to succeed.

Staying organized has a ton of advantages.

  • Arriving on time shows competence
  • Calling on time shows professionalism
  • Being prepared for home evaluations
  • Presentations

Whether you, email, bring a folder, use your tablets, or smartphones. Staying organized is a challenge that can be overcome!

I like to keep a reminder on my phone that prompts me of important dates, times and calls.

I use these tools daily… I write in my weekly planner tasks or goals for the week, I have a separate monthly calendar that has my non business related events. If I know something is very important I make sure that I make notes on both. I may also plug in an address and contact number in my phone in case it is an appointment to meet a client. I like to be organized and give myself enough time to prepare. So I will set up the reminder notification for 1 hour prior to the meeting. I found this worked for me, see how much time you require as notice. Noting is wrong it is just different.

Regardless if you are a paper based or digital the best tool may be the item you use the most in your day. For most it is the phone, voice recognition technology has allowed us to talk into our phones to schedule an appointment or a reminder call for a specific time period.

My preference at this time is an annual calendar that allows me to quickly look months in the future and I do not have to worry about draining my battery, whatever tool you use make sure that you feel comfortable and that you will use it.

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