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Top 10 Blogs in 2014

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One of life’s guilty pleasures is creating a top 10 list at the end of the year. It’s a cathartic rite of passage that allows people to let go of yet another year in their lives. For the College, it means a review of the top 10 blogs in 2014 as identified by the number of likes from our Facebook fans and tweets from our Twitter followers.

In 2014, the College posted 53 blogs (including this one). As at December 18, 2014, more than 350 Facebook fans “liked” the 2014 blogs and 160 Twitter followers tweeted the blogs. The numbers may not be astronomical but they do matter because it means we are informing, educating, and engaging our readers.

Here are the Top 10 2014 blogs:

1o. What’s the Problem?

The importance of good problem-solving skills and the five-step process to solving real estate problems

9.  How Much Do You Know About Multiple Offers?

Online continuing education course entitled Multiple Offers: Risks and Rewards; includes four questions to test your knowledge about multiple offers

8.  Focus, Focus, Focus

The importance of focusing on “The One Thing” to achieve success, and tips on how to use your time more effectively

7.  It’s Time to Review Your Business Plan

The four-step process to creating a business plan; the importance of reviewing your business plan yearly

6.  Customizing CRM

Ruben Thanaruban, assistant director of information technology at OREA, invited to be a presenter at the Sage Software Inc. annual summit for partners and customers, held in July 2014

5.  Are You The REALTOR® Every Client Wants?

Online continuing education course entitled Be the REALTOR® Every Client Wants; what information to include in a listing package

4.  What is the real estate agent?

The agent in a real estate transaction is neither the salesperson nor broker; the agent is the brokerage

3.  3 General Rules for Great Listing Presentations

Three important rules to making an effective listing presentation – know you sellers, know your strengths, and create a listing package

2.  Cottage Real Estate Transactions: Qs You Need to Ask

What you need to know and what you need to ask when representing clients in a cottage/recreational real estate transaction

1.  The Matrimonial Home: Some Basic Facts

Defining “matrimonial home,” and determining when spousal consent is required to sell the home


Stay tuned for more blogs in 2015.



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