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Top Five Roadblocks to Going Paperless with John-Ross Parks


It was an absolute pleasure being invited back for the 2015 EMERGE tour. This year I felt that it was very important to impart the benefits of the paperless life as a full time Realtor. Less about apps and more about personal struggles and benefits.

It’s important for Realtors to know that even though going paperless involves a learning curve, and sometimes even necessitates us to educate our brokerages and business partners, the long term benefits of more time and ease of doing business far outweigh the short term challenges. Not to mention, it provides us with more options for how to serve our customers – allowing us to cater to even the most tech-savvy client.

In addition to the dialogue about paperless technology, facilitating the Consumer panel was a highlight for myself as well as many of the guests at EMERGE 2015. Eye opening doesn’t begin to describe those panels. The feedback from real life consumers gave me a ton of insight into my own business and there are direct takeaways that I am already implementing. Many of us are taught that it’s the memorable closing gifts that our customers will remember. It turned out that the EMERGE panelists were much more interested in quality service and a human touch.

EMERGE has been a ground breaking forum to allow Realtors all over the province to network and receive world class training. I look forward to more to come, and hope you’ll join me there!

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