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When someone volunteers to sit on a committee or board of directors for the first time, it’s likely that person will be on a steep learning curve. Take our industry, for example. The knowledge required to be a successful REALTOR® is quite different from that which is required to be a successful committee member at a real estate association. That’s why timely training for new committee members and board members is so critical.

To help new volunteers get up-to-speed quickly, the OREA Centre for Leadership Development recently launched Just-in-Time Learning – a series of short powerful videos on topics of interest to new volunteers. They are available on-demand so that busy volunteer REALTORS® can access them anywhere, anytime via the OREA YouTube Channel. Volunteers can select only the videos that they need in order to get up-to-speed quickly on what they need to know.

Check out our new Just-in-time Learning series on Making and Amending Motions

The first series of videos being launched is on making and amending motions. We heard from volunteers and staff leaders alike that volunteers need to quickly understand how decisions are made using Roberts Rules of Order, the recognized guide to running meetings effectively and fairly. In a few short minutes, volunteers can learn how to make, discuss and vote on motions. They can learn how to properly propose an amendment to a motion and how those amendments will be handled by the chairperson.

We plan to launch new series throughout the year on topics such as risk management, decision making and handling conflicts. If you have any suggestions for topics, we’d love to hear from you!

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