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Updated info re: WEBForms® 2013


Previously, in our blog post about the upcoming changes to WEBForms®,  we promised to pass along any updates we received.  We now have some additional details about the new and improved WEBForms® version 4.9.1. I do apologize for the poor quality of the images posted here.

This new version of WEBForms®, which should be available in early January 2013, will have a new interface when it comes to filling in and/or editing forms. And now, a preview of the new menu bar:

New WEBForms® menu bar

Clicking on:

View Options – opens the View Options popup window, offering additional controls (more about these in a moment)
Print Form – sends the current form to the connected printer
Download – displays options for downloading the current form
Save – saves the information in the current form
Save & Go Home – saves the current form and returns to the home page
Save & Go to Form – opens the Save & Go to Form drop-down list
Page – displays the current page number of the open form and opens the page drop-down list.  You can use this or scroll to navigate through the various pages of the form

View Options
The View Options popup window gives you the opportunity to make some adjustments to the way you view your form online. You can:

View OptionsHighlight Fields – opt to highlight all data entry fields on your current form
Zoom – view your form at 75%, 100%, 125%, 150%, 200% or Fit Screen. Select your preference from the drop-down list
Font – select your preferred font (Times New Roman or Helvetica) from the drop-down list
Font Size – Select your preferred Font Size from the drop-down list

Download options
There are two download options.

Download options

The Read-Only Form option downloads the current form to your device as a PDF (cannot be edited). The Editable Form option downloads an empty PDF version of the form which can be edited and filled offline (on your device, no internet connection required).

Save & Go to Form Options

Save and Go to Form Options

Use the Save & Go to Form option to switch between any of the forms that are in your current Transaction Kit. A checkmark indicates which form is currently being viewed.

Page Options
The Page options, as we mentioned earlier, displays the current page number and allows you to quickly navigate between pages. Click on the page number you want to go to.

Page option


There is also a new Clause Toolbar that you’ll find at the top of clause fields.

Clause Toolbar

It has three buttons:

Insert Clauses – opens the Select Clause screen where you can add clauses to, and remove clauses from your form
Add Blank Page – adds an empty clause page at the end of your form to allow for the entry of additional clauses
Remove Last Page – removes the last page which was added to the form

As we hear about further developments on this project, we will continue to pass them along to you. For more information or assistance with WEBForms® 4.9.1, please contact your local Help Desk.

Important note:
Do NOT remove or delete your current installation of Adobe Reader/Acrobat until such time as forms have been fully converted and retrieval of any older forms and Transaction Kits requiring Adobe Reader are no longer needed.

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