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Are you the only person in your organization responsible for a unique job or task? Do you miss having people with that same specialty that you can brainstorm with or share ideas? That’s certainly my situation. In the newest Debrief blog post I talk about how important it is to spend time with people who share your talents.

Watch a short video blog post on Hanging Out with Trainers.

Part of my job includes designing training programs for volunteer and staff leaders. As people who work with me know, this is one of my passions. It involves being strategic, and creative and detail-oriented all at the same time.

Most of the time I don’t mind that there are no other training designers in my department. It’s nice to feel unique and needed. There are times, however, when I crave connections with other Trainers. I find those connections at trade associations like the Canadian Society of Training and Development. At every meeting I attend there are bright, innovative trainers happy to share their ideas. It’s reinvigorating and I always come back ready to take on new challenges.

Where do you make your connections? Many associations provide opportunities to network and share ideas with others. OREA Young Professionals Network is all about making connections and learning new things; so is the OREA Leadership Conference. As well, the new Emerge events are a perfect place to stimulate ideas and meet others in your field.

If you’re a lone wolf with a unique responsibility at your organization, you too will find value in hanging out with your own kind. It’s an investment of your time that pays back every time with new ideas and motivation.


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