Volunteering helps the bottom line


Do you think you’re sacrificing your business when you give up personal time to volunteer? Experience shows the opposite. I’ve heard many REALTOR® volunteers say they even grew their business as a result of volunteering. How is this so?

To begin with, when you volunteer you are in constant contact with others in the profession, some far more experienced than you are. You pick up a lot of good ideas that help you develop your business model and improve sales without having to attend an expensive seminar. And those same contacts are a great source of referrals.

At OREA, all volunteers are offered leadership training. Those skills are transferable to your daily business and that too helps your bottom line.

As a volunteer, you’re going to be the first in the know; whether it’s new legislation, advanced technology, new groups like YPN or legal advice – you’ll be one up on the competition.

And finally, research shows that volunteering reduces your stress and enriches your sense of purpose in life. One study shows that volunteering can improve your health. Another study shows it can even make you more productive.

Have you had positive experiences with volunteering?

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