Want to be more efficient? There’s an app for that




The Waze app has been embraced by commuters across the world. And no wonder, it’s a community-driven traffic and navigation application that lets drivers in an area share real-time traffic and road information. Drivers can report traffic jams, accidents, speed traps or even identify the cheapest fuel station along a route. The end result is an app that saves commuting time, gas and money. But remember, safety comes first! No apping and driving.


Whether you’re scanning a listing agreement for a client, a lunch receipt for your expense file or a business card for a contact, there’s no need to search for a scanning machine, you can now scan on the go. CamScanner lets you save scanned documents and store on your phone. It allows you to rescan and replace any page of a multi-page document, allows cropping and has a slide function that lets you navigate lengthy documents quickly.


Real estate professionals deal with a lot of metrics: area, length, height, power ratings, currency and more. Vert is a unit converter that goes above and beyond. You can switch from imperial to metric, find currency exchange rates, calculate power ratings or even work out angles. The app has a beautiful interface that makes using the app a pleasure.


Homebuyers are always keen to access information on prospective locations. Enter the Sitegeist app. Simply enter a location and it provides a host of neighbourhood data including average age of residents, median household income, commuting trends, popular businesses and favoured attractions. The app uses a combination of census data and public APIs from companies like Foursquare and Yelp to produce a slew of statistics. Making data visually appealing can be tricky but the Sitegeist designers have managed to keep it uncluttered, comprehensive and attractive. The next time you’re pulling together research for your clients, let Sitegeist do the hard work for you.

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