What are you thankful for?

As the weather gets cooler, I have come to understand the true meaning of Thanksgiving! Corny but true, this time of year always reminds me of my top 8, the 5 things I am thankful for and the 3 things I need to focus on.

I am thankful for:

FLEXIBILITY that this career provides me, knowing that on Thanksgiving day I can wake up early, set showings, complete my open house and schedule family time in.

UNDERSTANDING, family & friends knowing I can not always be there at family functions but my family, friends and clients understand that I am there for them when they need me.

COLLEAGUES, my fellow realtors are there along with me to encourage and promote professionalism.

COMMUNITY, being a part of my community is important, whether volunteering with Big Brothers and Big Sisters or coaching a high school sports team. My community is where I live and I want to be the best member that I can be.

PROFESSIONAL PRIDE, knowing that I belong to an elite organization of professionals that care about their community and professional standards. Makes my life easy, from our local board which recently participated in Kingston’s Chili Fest, to the excitement of having our first YPN meeting this month, to OREA who is offering 9 free continuing education courses, I feel a great sense of pride to be a licensed Sales Representative.

I need to focus on:

The cool breeze of fall takes the heat off me pounding the pavement,  allowing me to focus on the future, knowing that I have just a few weeks to develop and get prepared to implement my PERSONAL/PROFESSIONAL GOALS, and BUSINESS PLAN FOR 2013.

Having been to a listing appointment this week at one of my high school friend’s properties, we were mutually surprised to see each other, she had no idea I was a Realtor, and I had no idea she did not know. We had added each other to our Facebook (years ago), she reads the local real estate newspapers, but she did not know I was ‘in real estate’. So obviously I need to focus in on my SOCIAL MEDIA PRESENCE.

And lastly to focus on keeping the forward momentum of all the opportunities I am THANKFUL for, going!

With all the great Fall Realtor focused events such as ‘Turning Point’, ‘Ignite’, and OREA YPN : Learn, Network, Grow which is this Wednesday!!!! How can we not look forward to getting fired up and having a great fall and a great 2013!

What are you thankful for? Really, I would like to know.


Liza Tallen, OREA YPN Committee Member & Guest Blogger

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