What Getting Involved in Organized Real Estate Has Done For Me


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When I became a real estate agent, just under 2 years ago I was on a mission to learn and join as much as possible.  This included joining a committee at my local real estate board – even though I didn’t really know what that was all about – but when the opportunity presented itself, I was in.   I had only been in the business a short time but that didn’t stop me.

The first committee I was on was relatively low commitment and allowed me to meet some people, and gain a better understanding of my real estate board and what it does, and what was available to me.

In my second year as an agent, I was put on 2 committees with my local board, as well as the OREA YPN committee.  Being part of an OREA committee allowed me to connect with agents outside of my board, which I really hadn’t done much of outside of this – nor did I know the benefit.

Altogether I have made some great connections, expanding my referral network and gaining new perspectives.  I have been encouraged to participate, helping me to break out of my shell, and I have a much better picture of what my board, and OREA both do.

Whether you’re new, or a seasoned agent who has never volunteered, I encourage you to get involved.  It has been (and continues to be) a learning experience and a benefit to my business.

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