What is your meaning of “nimble” at the boardroom table?

NDM award

Jack be nimble, Jack be quick, Jack jump over the candlestick, so runs the nursery rhyme.  Even today this phrase expresses a suggestion to be quick and agile.  Agile has many meanings, i.e. nimble, responsive, swift, lively… you get the drift, right?

One year ago the OREA Centre for leadership Development launched a “Nimble Decision Making” package consisting of three tutorials with accompanying DVDs.  The NDM package is designed to help boards of directors make progressive decisions in a timely fashion.  The good news is 35 real estate boards have requested the tutorial package. The bad news is! … Well there is no bad news, but we certainly hope that after your board has previewed the DVDs they will make more effective, timely decisions.

A survey was conducted recently on how decisions are made at board meetings.  Here is an example of the multiple choice questions and results:


How nimble is your board of directors in making decisions?

28%     “they’re great wannabes”

35%     “they’re a model board”

38%     “they’re not there yet”


How well does your board embrace the tough issues facing your industry by making decisions?

28%     “they’re great wannabes”

31%     “they’re a model board”

42%     “they’re not there yet”.


How often do individual behaviours impede decision-making at the board table?

10%     “during full moons”

14%     “once in a full moon”

20%     “every meeting”

55%     “some meetings”


Has your board adopted the NDM tutorials?  If the answer is yes, tell us what changes you witnessed in the decision-making process?

Was the Nimble Decision making process valuable for your Association?, that was the question asked of Michael McIntee, President of the REALTORS® Association of Grey Bruce Owen Sound.  His response: “absolutely and it happened at just the right time, following a full organizational review.  It seems our wheels have been greased and we are moving more smoothly and successfully on the rails towards better leadership, nimble decision-making and strategic thinking”.

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