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What is your signature?

hand writing

Your fingerprints are unique. Not so with your physique. We are all humble physical variations on a basic theme, regardless of gender.

In contrast, your behavioural signature, comparable to your fingerprints, is profound and exceptional. Like a snowflake, there is no other you.

What makes you tick, what makes your talents shine and lead you to learning success is driven by your ‘signature’. Wonderfully, you can shape your signature to build a better you. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses will help you implement strategies to improve your performance.

An optimistic, positive approach is key in re-styling your signature. Blanket whatever content you are studying with positive thinking and the results will surprise you; even thrill you. The process, the journey, of acquiring knowledge is just as important as the end result.

Do you feel good about yourself? Do you push yourself to achieve? Do you possess an internal, burning desire to understand, to not give up? Do you thrive on matters that challenge you rather than surrender in desperation? Do you look upon learning as contests to be conquered, as problems to be resolved?

Adopt an active performing signature. Put yourself in the game. Take all the necessary steps. A loving-to-learn attitude is not only restorative, it achieves countless physical and psychological benefits.


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