What sets you apart from other REALTORS®?

In a world where everyone and his brother knows somebody in real estate, what sets you apart from other REALTORS®?

Passing your real estate courses, getting business cards and for sale signs, taking continuing education classes, and attending conferences, etc. Is it enough to make your mark?  I say no…

We need to dig deep within ourselves and find that certain something that sets us apart from our competition — the one or two things that when you leave a prospective client makes them say now that REALTOR® was different from the rest and obviously a leader in the field.

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Too many times in the past I’ve found myself on the losing end of a listing presentation — only to find out the individuals who listed the property weren’t nearly as qualified, nor did they possess the same abilities I had. Yet they were the ones with the sign on the lawn attracting all those leads.

I soon began to realize that  potential clients aren’t psychic! They can only make decisions based on what we share with them and how we carry ourselves.  Like I said, we all do many of the same things in order to sell houses. However, how can you guarantee that your sign will be the one on the lawn? Well, here are a few key points I discuss with my potential clients:

  • First and foremost I have always had a deep-seated passion to negotiate.  I chose this business because it allows me to put those skills to work in a beneficial way when buyers and sellers are making some of the largest decisions of their lives.
  • Conflict resolution is something we deal with every day in our industry, whether it’s with other REALTORS®, clients or even lawyers. It’s important for us to get to know our clients  because issues will come up during our time together and they need to know that the REALTOR® they choose is up to the challenge and will protect their interests.
  • Reputation in the industry is vital. It’s important to maintain a certain level of respect in this business because sooner or later your reputation will either win you deals or cost you deals.  Building rapport with other REALTORS® and creating a healthy working relationship with them is something I do well, and this  will benefit me, my clients and their bottom line.

These are just a few of my value propositions. They are not extraordinary  but are extremely powerful when potential clients are choosing a complete stranger to represent their interests in what is likely the most expensive purchase or sale in their lifetime.

I promise you that once you know beyond a shadow of a doubt the value you possess and what sets you apart from  tens of thousands of other REALTORS®, you won’t walk, you will run to your next appointment, with an incredible amount of energy and passion for what you are about to do! Be  true to yourself in this business and the riches will follow.

Jay Shearer, Sales Representative, YPN Committee Member and Guest Blogger

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