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What to do when technology fails us

Today, technology failed me. Again. This isn’t the first time, second time or last time that technology will kick me in the butt and stick its condescending tongue out at me. No sir, technology will, most definitely, fail me again. 

So what’s a girl (or boy) to do when this happens? Well,my friends, that’s when we use our resource realtor tools that I know we all have and just make it happen! 

Years ago, all offers were hand written, without the help of a computer. But in today’s technically savvy world, 99.9% (this isn’t a stat, I’m literally pulling this out of thin air) use a computer to write up an offer. 

So today, when Webforms went down, more than once and we had 3 offers to write in an hour, what did we, as an office, as resourceful realtors do? Well, we went to the closest bar, ordered a few cocktails….ok, no, I’m just pulling your leg. While that thought was very appealing, that is most certainly NOT what we did.  

We made it happen! I had almost forgotten that I had made this travelling car kit full of very essential realtor things – such as a flashlight, tape measurer and – wait for it – a whole bunch of BLANK OFFERS! Jackpot! 

So we got the handy dandy toolkit out and started flipping through. Working with a realtor, check. Buyer rep, check. Agreement of purchase and sale,check. Confirmation of coop, check. We even had several different schedule B’s with different clauses and conditions written in to fit different real estate situations.  

Off to work we went, hand writing our offers. I felt a little bit like Laura Ingalls Wilder from Little House on the Prairie. I mean, we were really going back in time here. (Kidding) 

We completed our offers, the old fashioned way, and off they went. So there you have it. When technology fails you, think outside the box. There is always a way! 

Here are some tips for creating your own Realtor toolkit 

  • have several copies of every common form known to man (trust me, it’s better to be safe than sorry)
  • make sure you have various options for Schedule A, with different conditions and clauses so you don’t get stuck having to pull them out of you know where
  • speaking of which, put together a binder of standard clauses for your office and also put together the same file on a cloud that you can access anywhere.

This might seem like a lot of work but one day, you will thank me. Trust me. Or just go find the nearest bar and drown your sorrows. Your call. I choose the proactive approach. I hope you will too.

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