What to expect as a new young professional


So you’ve just got your real estate license, or you’re in the process of obtaining it.  You’ve been studying and haven’t even begun to think about what being a new professional in the business really looks like. What can you expect?

  •  Expect not to know everything (and make sure you know who to call for help).
  •  Expect to have moments when you really just don’t know what to do with yourself.  I joined my  office one winter. It was pretty quiet and at the beginning I just showed up at my office without  really knowing why I was there. Hang in there. You will at some point establish somewhat of a  routine (some more than others).
  •  Expect to be overwhelmed at times.
  •  As much as you can try to “fake it till you make it”, expect to do things that will make you look like  a newby (i.e. that time you tried to open a door and it didn’t budge – laugh it off and don’t dwell  on it).
  •  Don’t expect to “make it” right off the bat.  It takes time to build a business.

Here are some tips to help get you started:


  • Have your first buyer? Drive by all the listings you’re booked to show in advance. Know the routes to take and parking situations.
  • Prep a blank offer and keep copies on hand incase you need to do an offer quickly. Include the clauses you would normally include in an offer in your market.


  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions.
  • Attend courses!  You can find them through your brokerage and often your local real estate board will have affordable (and sometimes free!) offerings.

Network, Network, Network: 

  • Keep in touch with people from your pre registration courses or maybe it’s someone else new in your office who started around the same time as you. It can be great to compare experiences and ideas with someone who’s at the same place as you.
  • See if your broker / manager can connect you with an experienced agent in your office.
  • Get involved in committees, whether it’s a social committee in your office, or a committee at your real estate board.
  • Find out if your area has a young professional or young entrepreneur group (often through the local chamber of commerce) or join a young professional group at your local real estate board.

It can be a lonely business starting out but it doesn’t have to be.  Get out there!

This blog contribution was submitted by Lauren Catlin. Lauren is a real estate agent in Hamilton, Ontario.  She attended McMaster University and began her career in Marketing and Client Services.  After buying renovating and selling her first home she decided to align her skills and experience with her interests and pursue a career in real estate.

Lauren Catlin

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