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What we learned at Real Estate Connect

Not able to attend Inman News®, Real Estate Connect® in New York City last week? We’ve got you covered! With the help of YPN Committee Chair, Amie Ferris, we’ve put together some of the hottest topics that came out of Agent Reboot. The top takeaway for us? The future is here and there’s no better time than the present to arm ourselves with all the tools (technical and more) to succeed.

Technology IS important…

Technology was a central theme in every single session. Technology is changing everything about our world – from the way we communicate with potential and current clients, to what people expect from us, our brands and how we sell.

Katie Lance, CEO & Owner, Katie Lance Consulting and Chief Strategist for Inman News® really drove home the point that social media is not a passing trend, nor is it something you have to worry about in the future. It is here and it is here today.

You owe it to your brand and your business to get involved in the conversation.

BUT don’t let it overwhelm you 

One really critical thing to remember is the importance of being good at one thing before moving on to the next new thing. Being a jack-of-all-trades isn’t necessarily a good thing.

Dip your toe in the social media pool one platform at a time. Jimmy Mackin, Founder and CEO of Frugyl offered up his number one social media tip and it is… (Drumroll please!)

It’s not about applications, technologies or strategies. It starts with a mindset. Don’t get caught up in the noise – focus on what your message is, who you are and why you are spending your time on social media in the first place.

You are what you POST

Transparency is important. Be authentic and engage authentically. Your social media presence is your brand. Inject your personality, not just your values into your interactions.

Social media is not just a way to source leads, it’s also a way to build relationships and really hone in on what your customers want.

And you don’t need to be AFRAID

Yes, your social media posts and the way you interact on social media can and will affect your business, both positively and negatively. But, as presenter Nicole Nicolay, Founder of Agent Evolution, said, it’s also what sets you apart and what makes you different than everyone else.

Don’t wait, just do it. Stop fighting the change.


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