What YPN means to me


In 2011, President Barb Sukkau invited me to become the first chair of the OREA Young Professionals Network.

At that point, I had never heard of it. I didn’t know what it was or what I was supposed to do. Who would be part of this network and how would we get people enrolled? There were so many questions and lots of ideas to consider.

I travelled to the National Association of REALTORS® conference in Anaheim that year where I had the opportunity to meet many YPNers from across the US. This is when I started putting the entire YPN concept together. It was starting to make sense.

YPN is not about age (regardless of what anyone believes). YPN is a network for both new and experienced REALTORS® to get together and share their ideas, their experiences, tools, technology and more. Educating each other on how to improve their businesses.

In March of 2012 OREA YPN launched at the OREA conference with over 250 people in attendance. Our online engagement had already grown to near 1,000 people. So many REALTORS® were excited about what YPN would do for our industry.

YPN quickly took off. Members of all ages, new and experienced attended six events across the province that year. And every time people said, “what a great opportunity to learn and share”.

That’s what YPN means to me. It’s about learning, sharing and growing together.

So many new and young REALTORS® think technology is the answer to their business woes. But our veteran REALTORS® can show us some of their tricks of the trade that will never die.

YPN to me is also about grooming our next generation of real estate industry leaders. It’s a great way for REALTORS® to get their foot in the door and start understanding the process of organized real estate. Many YPNers had no idea how to volunteer for local, provincial or national board committees or that they even could. The YPN committee now has numerous applicants every year and many YPNers sitting in other committees at all levels of organized real estate.

Many of our committee members have now started sitting on their local associations and some have even served as President!

In the end, YPN is not about age, it’s about attitude. And it’s a great way to share, learn, network and grow.

Stay connected and  chat with us on Twitter using the hashtag #OREAYPN.

Stay tuned for our 2015 conference event called “Regeneration” in March. More information will be released soon but you don’t want to miss this fabulous educational opportunity to learn, network and grow!

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