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What can you now do in just a few easy steps? You can apply online to OREA Real Estate College. This includes the application to the College as well as admissions to the Salesperson Registration Education Program.

The College just launched this new feature, which will make applying to the College easier, especially for those individuals who do not have an Ontario secondary school diploma or equivalent. This new feature allows prospective students who do not meet that requirement to schedule for themselves a date to write the OREA Real Estate College Admission Test.

Any individual who is a resident of Canada and is 18 years of age and older is permitted to write the admission test, which consists of 50 real estate-focused multiple choice questions that test basic English comprehension and math skills. A real estate background is not a pre-requisite for this test.The fee to write the test is $50 and the pass mark is 50 per cent.

The prompt to either upload the proper document (i.e., diploma or equivalent) or to book the test appears in step 4 of the online application process. Let’s review the previous three steps before proceeding.

In step 1, you start your profile by providing your name and contact information. Please note, the name you provide must match what appears on your government-issued photo ID, such as driver’s licence or passport.

In step 2, you provide more information about yourself, such as current address and date of birth.

In step 3, you set up two security questions. This is intended to protect the information in your student account (i.e., the items in steps 1 and 2, and subsequent information). You will be asked to answer these questions whenever you contact the College.

In step 4, you select the admission requirements you meet, either the Ontario Secondary School Diploma or equivalent, or the option of writing the admission test. If you choose the first option, you would attach your file and click “Submit Documents.” The College accepts several types of files, namely, PDF, JPG, DOC, DOCX, TIFF, BMP, and PNG. If you choose the second option, you select a date and location for writing the admission test.

step 4

Next Steps 

If you choose the first option, the College’s Admissions Department will notify you via email once the admissions documents are processed and accepted. This typically takes two business days. The email will outline the next step, applying to the first course of the program. This is also done online as the email will contain a link that will enable you to:

•  set up your My Portfolio account, a password-protected section of the website that the College uses to communicate with students

•  review and accept the Student Enrolment Contract

•  enrol in the first course, Real Estate as a Professional Career

If you choose the second option (i.e., to write the admission test), you will be prompted to select a date and location and then check the availability. You will receive notification via email within seven business days to advise you if you passed the test. After receiving your results, you will be able to continue the enrolment process and enrol in the first course of the program, as noted above.

If you are interested in an exciting career in real estate and have decided to apply, please use our new online feature and give us your feedback. I feel confident saying, having used it myself, that it is easy, as 1-2-3-4…



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