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What makes a real estate professional ‘professional’?

OREA Real Estate College is introducing a new education stream called Training for Success that will feature professional development courses that will provide REALTORS® with the knowledge and skills to answer that question. These courses will enable REALTORS® to go above and beyond the mandatory continuing education requirements and take advantage of career-enhancing educational opportunities.

Real Estate Professionals at Work is the first online course in this program. Using case studies and real-life examples, the course will help learners apply the principles of professionalism in their day-to-day practices. It is more than simply complying with the REBBA 2002 Code of Ethics.

In this course, REALTORS® will learn that professionalism is …

… being respectful to members of the public with whom you interact (regardless of whether they’re clients, customers, or other third parties), to peers (regardless of whether they’re competitors), and property (regardless of whether it’s your listing).

… practising full disclosure when providing services to buyer or seller clients, such as explaining the different types of services available, disclosing in writing the nature of the services you will be providing, including the possibility of multiple representation and obtaining signed informed consent, and disclosing material information about a property to clients and other REALTORS®.

…being prepared for client meetings, showings, open houses, and offer negotiations.

Real Estate Professionals at Work is now available to members. To learn more about the course and to enrol, go to http://bit.ly/1dKVEXz.


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