Who would you rather deal with?


Say you’re in a meeting or just having a conversation and someone is trying to convince you of something or just making a point. You might recognize these kinds of people:

Argumentative Allan: He is angry about something and wants you to agree with him. He’ll not take no for an answer and he shoots down all of your points. Even when presented with the facts that counter his argument, he refuses to listen.

Rambling Rachael: She goes on and on trying to explain her point but never really gets to it. If she is using audio visual aids they are disorganized with way too many charts and graphs. In the end, she does not wrap up her argument with a conclusion.

Prepared Peter; First of all, he has sent you concise research information in advance of your meeting. He starts the meeting by stating exactly what outcome he would like and then calmly explains his point. He knows you will have doubts, so he addresses them one at a time. He asks you questions and listens carefully, often repeating your concern to make sure he has it right. He’ll even adjust his case if he feels you have a valid point.

So which one are you? Who would you rather deal with?

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