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Did you know the world is driven by real estate? Every hour of every day in urban and rural areas across the country (and around the world), real estate professionals negotiate real estate deals.

This fast-paced and constantly evolving profession requires drive, determination, and certain personality traits. Do you have them? Are you considering a career in real estate?

Find out if you are right for this dynamic and challenging profession – review our new student handbook, a one-stop guide that will provide you with a snapshot of the profession and what you will need to succeed.

Your Career in Real Estate: A Student Handbook details the importance of real estate, real estate’s impact on every aspect of life, and the educational requirements needed to trade in real estate in Ontario, such as our government-approved, award-winning programs.

The handbook is divided into the following sections:

Real Estate and You – First Things First

Your Steps to Professional Success

Course Descriptions

College Program Standards

The Answers You Need

So, if you answer ‘yes’ to any of the following questions…

I am able to speak and write English with reasonable fluency…

I have a basic grounding in math fundamentals (including multiplication, division, fractions, decimals, and percentages)…

I enjoy working with people, and have the ability to interact with a variety of people…

I am self-motivated, and enjoy working independently to get the job done…

 … consider a career in real estate.  

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