You’ve joined a committee. Now what?

Committee meeting

If you’ve just volunteered to sit on an association committee or task force, congratulations! It’s likely you’re excited for this new opportunity to give back. You might also be a bit nervous about being a part of a committee for the first time.

We have a fabulous way for you to kick start your learning and quickly become a productive committee member. The OREA Centre for Leadership Development has created four Just-in-time Learning videos on how to contribute to a committee. Designed for busy volunteers and association leaders, each video lasts only a few minutes.

The videos are free to watch through the OREA website and the OREA YouTube Channel. We hope you find them helpful as you get more involved in volunteering. Feel free to share them with others who might benefit from learning more about contributing to a committee.

1. Committee Terms of Reference

2. How Committees are Structured

3. How Task Forces Formulate Recommendations

4. Your First Committee Meeting


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