We as new REALTORS® can learn a lot from seasoned REALTORS®. They have years of experience to share with us that help us learn from their trials and triumphs. On the other hand, although new to the industry, we younger and newer agents can reciprocate the favour by offering nuggets of information that may help our industry experts further grow their own markets (it’s a give and take relationship after all 🙂 ).

Being a young and new agent myself, I feel these are the things to think about when approaching the new crop of REALTORS®.

1. We bring a fresh perspective. After being in any industry for many years it is common and natural for someone to get comfortable, with their business. Being new to an industry, you come in with new ideas, a keen sense of determination and an outlook of optimism. This type of excitement has a way of rubbing off on people, and industry experts exposed to this kind of enthusiasm may find their love and passion for the real estate industry renewed.


2. Those that are new and also young in the business will be more in touch with the new generation of buyers and sellers. As they too may be young buyers and sellers they can offer advice and insight into what those clients may be looking for from their REALTOR® and the expectations they hold.

3. The marketing in our business is changing. No longer does a simple ad, listing write-up and a few photos of the home cut it. Buyers are on the internet doing their own research and looking for innovative marketing techniques that help a home stand out. In the same light, your sellers are hoping their REALTOR® will make their beloved home shine in its best light. Those that are new to the business may have different ways of marketing their listings and their business. With their youth comes a fresh approach to marketing that often includes techniques using social media.

4. Being the youngest person in my office I am constantly answering cellphone questions, clarifying internet confusion or giving technology tips. Younger agents are usually up to speed on the latest and greatest technology tools and toys and can help you make sense of all those little gadgets that we all rely on for our business. . This will save you both time and money and help you learn how best to use the equipment you have.

Just as Natasha Lemire-Blair mentioned in the birth of the YPN, this group can be a great venue to meet these new REALTORS® and to provide mentorship to those that have just entered the business. Not only will it keep your referral network broad to accommodate many buyers and sellers, but you will be able to listen to the challenges new agents are having and offer them the experience, knowledge and expertise you have picked up along the way.

– Jenn Aunger, REALTOR®, OREA YPN Co-Chair and Guest Blogger.

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